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Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Reporting:

Each classification society (CS) has a unique reporting form that has to be followed. In short, we follow the rules and guidelines for each individual CS in which the ship is classed.

The Classification Surveyor and the owner (or responsible person in charge) will be notified immediately during the measuring, if indications/diminution of significance are found. 

In generel, a thickness measurement report will contain the following:

1) Front page

2) Pre-job safety meeting (Mandatory Survey meeting/Scope of work)

3) General particulars

4) Thickness measurements in table-form

5) Drawings and sketches

6) Copy of certifikates

The report will be generated in electronic form for the Class Surveyor, the owner and the ship. Svendborg Measurement Service also keep a database for future use, if needed.

All reports will be stamped and signed by the Class Surveyor and Svendborg Measurement Service.

Hereafter the report is a valid document world wide.